Hello! I’m Grace. I am a woman of faith in my 30s trying to be all that I am called to be in this life (and the next).

I am a mother, a stepmother, a wife, a daughter, a sister, a boss, an employee, a worshipper, a thinker and a dreamer.

For the most part, I seem to keep all the plates up in the air spinning between marriage, motherhood, community, work and – hopefully – some time for person reflection growth, and adventures with the fam. I and my White Knight live and work and grow in the Valley of Fern with our three munchkins – Buddy, Pretty Girl (PG), and our Little Dude (LD).

I began this blog years ago and rarely had (or made) time for it. You’ll notice older posts are random and often come out of a time of frustration. In fact, when I got back into writing, I noticed several older posts sitting in my draft folder having never been posted because they ended up being little more than rants at life born in a moment of chaos.  I am sure I will repost these older posts with edits later if I ever run out of subject matter but . . .

In the present time, my intent with writing is to grow my faith through personal reflection. Traditional church and worship – which I grew up with – is hard to fit in these days. My Knight is also not a fan of traditional sevices having seen the ugly underbelly of church and churchgoers long ago. But I know I still need to be fed. Without my spiritual well being filled back up regularly, I have quickly run out of anything to give. Running on empty is no way to live.


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