Who am I?  Well, who are you?!?

It’s that question all healthy people end up asking themselves at some point, right?  I use to answer with a list of all the roles I fill –  a mother, a stepmother, a wife, a daughter, a sister, a boss, an employee, etc . . . – but these are all just pieces of the real me.  What would the ‘real’ me be like?  The one without family or society’s expectations?  Unfiltered and unfettered?

Hence this blog and it’s associated Instagram, Tumbler, & Facebook pages!  I made them all anonymous so that I did not have to take into account the judgement or perception of ANYONE.  So who is Grace unfiltered?

2018 will be the year so wait and see!

PS – I began this blog years ago and rarely had (or made) time for it. You’ll notice older posts are random and often come out of a time of frustration.  


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