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My All

It’s time to stop giving my job my All
Time to stop giving my All to my boss
Stop giving my All to work
To a career
To making a living
My All belongs to me
My All belongs to my family
To my home
To the things that give me joy
To my adventures
What is the joy in work?  A Job?  A boss?
There is satisfaction
There is being a part of an effort larger than you
A cause bigger than you
A organization serving many rather than a few
But if I give my all at work,
What is left for home and adventure?
For relationships and travel?
For new joys
And new beginnings?
Very little
Very little is left for me
When I give my All at work
Very little is left for those I love
When my All has already been given
I am going to strive to be a ‘really good’ employee
Not great
Not amazing
Not perfect
Really good
‘Really good’ goes above and beyond
It takes initiative
It plays well with others
It gets the job done
And looks for the next to tackle
But ‘really good’ get to go home
Turn work off and turn themselves on
Live and play and build for themselves
Not a company
Not a cause
My life
I want to live my life
Work as hard for myself as I do for others
Be great at me
Not just really good or nothing at all


Loving Life!

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