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It is NOT well with my soul

 As I kneel in the running bath water, scrubbing the stains off the tub at 11 o’clock at night, trying not to sob over the sounds of the water and I cry out to God ‘This? This is what I waited 25 years for?’

As you choose to sleep in the other room – it is not well with my soul.



Loving Life!

2 thoughts on “It is NOT well with my soul

  1. Hi Grace, you commented on my post at Pro 31. Thank you, I thought I’d comment on yours, I see you are having a difficult day. I empathize, been there. My husband and I have been together nearly 40 years. We love and honor one another, in our very diverse way. I spent many hours in the shower crying so he couldn’t hear me. That was decades ago and I was tender. Now I let him see my tears…. and if that doesn’t effect him, I burn dinner. No not really, I just tell him I don’t feel like cooking while I’m upset. We work it out. I learned to remind myself, if I’m not going to care about it in 10 years, it probably isn’t worth fighting over. Hope your on the mend, God bless, andrea
    PS: hope to address more about women and the church in the future…sad the Lord’s church is stifled for the sake some misguided obedience to misinterpreted scriptures. Wishing they were half as obedient to the other scriptures….


    1. Thanks for encouragement! Coincidentally my latest is post actually weeks old but still seemed pertinent. We made some amazing progress in our relationship and communication issues that I haven’t been able to put in words yet. Still a little new. Hope to soon. And I look forward to reading more from your angle as well. Personally, I feel the traditional church is letting young folks down by saying all the same things as 50 years ago, particularly for young women.


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