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Munchkin Dictionary

We all carry on language patterns from our families – the old tomaeto vs tomauto debate. Kids have an additional language pattern which most grow out of. Most words in this language happen because young minds and mouths can’t pronounce the English words the rest of us use. I’ve noticed our Munchkins have a few words that have stuck around. But cutest by far . . . are all of their variations on MY name.

Taba – taba (slow)
Tabataba (fast)

Initially these variation were because they had a problem pronouncing the ‘th’ in my name as I was getting to know them (and dating their father). Now their precious variations on my name alleviate the awkward ‘what should they call me’ moments most stepmothers have to deal with. I hope they never lose them, but am sure they will reach a moment around puberty where they’ll feel the need to leave behind such childhood habits.



Loving Life!

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