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The First Spanking

Today I gave my first spanking as a mother. For an event I have spent months agonizing over, it was remarkably painless event – as far as spankings go.

Pretty Girl is a tempter of fate, a challenger of authority and pusher of all limits. The Knight and I have come to the conclusion that she rather regularly ASKS for spanking in her own way – pushing the limits just to see how far we will allow her to go. Up until today, I have let my insecurities about punishment prevent real consequences. There are definitely spanking-punishable offenses, and this was one. I am just amazed that I don’t have any guilt! Maybe its because I wasn’t angry and acting out of that place of anger. I was completely biblical about it. It was deserved and I was calm. Thank God for one big hurdle of motherhood conquered!



Loving Life!

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