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The Burden of Finances ( i.e. The Grace of God)

Ever heard the statistic, “money is the number one reason for divorce in our country?” How about, “half of all new businesses fail within their first year?” Well, I have both a new business and a new marriage. I could easily become weighed down with the struggling fianances of our small business during these troubled economic times. Our personal finances which are based on the success of the business might also become a burden. Which one gets priority? Our paychecks on time or the business checking account? Luckily – or divinely rather – my personal finances have never had to be sacrificed for the business. In fact, my husband and I observed the opposite this month.

Coming off a very bad December in terms of business finances (the weather really did a number on us) we began the month of January already in the hole. Typically, January is a very slow month as people are recovering from their splurges the month before. Not very encouraging when you think about it. Something amazing happen – rather than the lower than average month we expected, we watched as the reservation book began to fill with special events and large parties. Our anticipated worst week was instead our busiest with 2 dinner parties, 2 luncheons and several larger reservations!

From the beginning, I knew that God had ‘greased the way’ for us, so to speak. Even getting into the place we now operate was all about doors being opened for us along the way. Over the last three years, our large events and caterings have always paid off right when we needed the money the most. A prospective employee showed up at our door right when we needed him (i.e. my husband to be). I suppose I have grown accustom to those small miracles God performs for me on a regular basis.  I take them for granted. It was quite a wake up call when my husband mentioned he’d been praying for the business and hadn’t I? No, actually, I hadn’t. I was too use to God pulling us through I guess I didn’t think I had to ask anymore. I’d like to say I remembered to say ‘thank you’ but that’s not always true either. God has met our finances in a big way this month and I pray he will continue to do so. We’re not out of the woods yet!



Loving Life!

One thought on “The Burden of Finances ( i.e. The Grace of God)

  1. Yeah!! That is always so exciting to see God move on our behalf.. we are feeling the stress as well with Joel’s business. But have been amazed at how faithful God has been to us! I will pray for you guys! Increase! Favor! and Wisdom!Koy’a


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