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I am not big on New Years resolutions. It always seemed too much like a set up to fail. Why do you need a holiday to do what you know you ought to be doing anyway? Eat better? Exercise? Quit a bad habit? I don’t like it, so I don’t do it. All that to say, I have made a resolution. It’s not a New Years resolution – however convenient the timing. It’s a personal commitment to regular blogging.

I was horrible at keeping a journal when I was young. Same goes for writing letters to my pen pal. She was lucky if she got two a year! Because I wrote so infrequently, what I did write often ended up being a short novel when I got through catching up on everything that had happen since last contact. I will NOT do that with this blog. My other blog is more business related and posts often double as news articles in the restaurant newsletter. Not so here. I figure short and regular is better than long and infrequent. My goal is at least to two posts a week. Wish me luck!



Loving Life!

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