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Pretty Girl and Buddy

Our Munchkins. . .

A lover of dress up and definitely daddy’s Pretty Girl, she’ll wrap you around her finger within minutes. Bellow the cute pixie face and ‘I love you’ is the heart of an imp and a mischief-maker. She is impulsive and expressive. She’ll ask with one breath and demand with another. She’ll cuddle for hours then test every limit you’ve set once she gets up. Very much a people person, she needs to be heard, needs to be seen and needs to be involved in everything anyone else is doing. She has the capability to bother her brother to distraction. But still . . . she’s our Pretty Girl.

As a big strapping lad, Buddy has been taught not to strike out as would be his instinct when his sister does her best to get under his skin. He’s a big softy – the quiet leader who everyone wants to be around. Content to play with himself, his social sister interrupts his quiet time. Not needing the social interaction she does to be entertained, he is often baffled at her need to be heard and seen and do everything he’s doing. He loves puzzles and all things that need to be put together. Transformers, legos, you name it – he loves it. He may need help to put something together the first time, but he’s also the first to let you know when you’re not doing it like the map shows.



Loving Life!

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